Sustainable Timbers

We've been making wooden products for a number of years and we've always been conscious of the environment when designing and sourcing timbers for our products.

Our Native timbers are reclaimed from old buildings such as early 1900 Villas and Bungalows. We completely strip the timbers of paints and finishes and remove at least 3 to 5mm off the timber surface. This is a long process but it is worth the effort to recycle and re-use these precious timbers such as Matai, Rimu and Kauri.

Our International timbers are either sustainably sourced from plantation grown trees, these timbers include Birch, Beechwood and Acacia. Or we may use timbers that are "surplus to requirement," these can be left-overs from Joinery and Furniture companies, the timbers can include Canadian Cedar and Jarrah.