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End Grain Cheese or Serving Board with Leather Handle


Long Platter Boards with Handles

Cover with charcuterie or finger foods and serve to guests or simply keep for everyday use. A large chopping board with handles to make transferring food an easy task.

Contemporary abstract New Zealand designed art prints

Contemporary Abstract Art Prints

Vinyl Art Prints - Tui Bird in a Kowhai Tree

Vinyl Sticker Art Prints

Wooden Hanging Clock with Leather Strap and Silent Ticking

Hanging Wood Clocks

Chopping Boards, Serving Boards, Native Woodware, Large Scale Art Prints, Vinyl Art Prints, Acrylic & Wood Laser Cut Wall Art. Kcimory has been designing and creating products for many years. 

The Light Project...

We decided to take a trip down the lamp trail, designing and hand-crafting wooden lamps. The lamps operated off only 12-volts of power, this was not only for the purpose of power-efficiencies but also for safety, as little hands love to explore! We no longer make the lamps, but we learned alot a long the way. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say!

The Lamp

we made lamps, we conquered, we moved on...


We supply our products to Calla Bleu Ltd. They are a specialist design and engraving company. You can purchase our products from their online store and have them engraved with a personalised message. Click on the button below to check out their website.

Amaaria Natural Honey & Candle Products

Amaaria is one of our supply partners, we are currently in the brew process to make natural wood wax from the beeswax they remove from their hives. In the meantime, head to their website for more details about them and their honey!

Honey and candle products by Amaaria



Our Support Partners

We work with a number of New Zealand Businesses. Building Better Business Communities in New Zealand.

Calla Bleu LTD - Personalised Guestbooks, Favours, Gifts & More

Amaaria Honey and Wax Products

Laserworx - Laser Engraving & Cutting Services