Our Timber

Sustainability is key....

Reclaimed Timber

Our Reclaimed Timbers have been salvaged from villas, bungalows and other structures built in the late 1800s to mid-1900s. These buildings were constructed from strong and durable hardwoods native to New Zealand such as Rimu, Kauri, Matai and Tawa. Many of these trees are now protected and it is illegal to mill them. Our reclamation is not limited to native timbers, we've also salvaged various types of Oak both American and Australian and many other hardwoods.

Reclaiming timber can be problematic, much of what we salvage is filled with nails, covered in layers of paint and have many other discrepancies, so preparing the timber for use can be a laborious task, but well worth the results. We do not try to fix all of what time has done to this timber, in fact we like it to speak of its past, so we highlight many imperfections, in most of our reclaimed pieces you will see old nail holes, minor borer tracks, age fractures and exposed bark.


Rescued Timber

Our Rescued Timbers are high-quality off-cuts acquired from Furniture Makers and Timber Joiners such as Canadian Cedar, Jarrah and various types of Oak, all of which are prized and very expensive timbers.