Our Lamps

Sustainability is key...

Our lamps are what you might say "Environmentally-Friendly." They operate off a low power voltage making them extremely energy efficient and not to mention safe. We use only long-life LED bulbs and despite the low voltage the light emission is no less than a lamp that runs off mains power.

  • 12 voltage operating capacity
  • Long-life LED bulbs
  • Safe working voltage
  • Hand-Crafted from Recycled or Rescued Timber

Our lamps are perfect for at home or they can be run off the grid using batteries, an ideal option for an ECO bach or cottage, hunting cabin, caravan or RV.



New out of our design studio is this beautifully hand-crafted ECO lamp made from sweetly-scented Canadian Cedar. It is a light-weight lamp finished in a natural, durable timber wax. The round cut-out design casts a stunning galaxy of light up the wall and ceiling. The 2-watt LED Bulb is fully enclosed within the lamp making this an ideal option as a night-light in a child's bedroom or simply as mood lighting in a dark room. Click here to purchase. 

ECO Lighting - 12v powered LED Lamp