All of our pieces are hand-crafted by Kcimory in New Zealand. We use both traditional and modern methods of construction. Our background is in renovation and restoration, but we're constantly learning from other experienced woodworkers as well as wood-turners, fitter & turners, timber joiners, furniture makers and whomever we can absorb knowledge from.

We prefer where possible not to use metal fasteners, rather, use wooden joints and various glues specific to the purpose, this does increase construction times, however, it results in a stronger, seamless finish.

All of our pieces are finished in Danish Oil or a New Zealand blended timber wax that is durable and completely natural.

As with all pieces hand-crafted, no two pieces are the same, each one unique, each one imperfect but each one handled with care. Sometimes you may find a measurement or a mark written in pencil in a concealed area, these small details, while inconsequential are a clear note of the hand work that went into making the piece.


Emporis Lamp - Each layer glued individually, each layer

requiring 4-hours to set before a new layer can be added.