Kcimory Designs

Hand-Crafted in New Zealand

Kcimory is a specialist when it comes to timber design, their homewares and lighting pieces are beautifully handmade from expensive timbers, many of which are native to New Zealand and very difficult to source.
Kcimory is an ECO Warrior...they use only Reclaimed or Surplus timbers from Joiners & Furniture makers. Their Lamps function perfectly off a minuscule 12 volts of power making them hugely power efficient and most importantly, safe to use. All of their pieces are also finished in a Natural but hard-wearing timber wax made of Carnauba wax, Manuka Honey and many other natural properties.
Limited Quantities -  Much of their Reclaimed timber ranges are short runs, that is, they can only make a limited quantity as timber profiles can be difficult to source, so if you see something you like, don't hesitate because the next time you visit we may have changed the timber, the function, the look or we may not make the range anymore.......