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  • Kitchen
    A beautiful array of Kitchen essentials from chopping boards to wooden spoons and salt & pepper blocks. All handmade from native and international timbers.
  • Wall Art
    A vast selection of Art Prints, Photo Prints, Vinyl Art Prints, Acrylic & Wood Wall Art. All designed and made in New Zealand with a lot of art having Kiwiana inspiration.
  • Art Prints
    Beautifully designed prints inspired by both New Zealand's and Australia's best loved New icons.
  • Vinyl Art Prints
    NZ Made Art & Photo Vinyl Sticker Prints. From beautiful birds such as the Tui Bellbird and popular holiday destinations such at Omaha Beach.
  • Kiwiana
    A Selection of Kiwiana inspired artworks, from prints, vinyls, acrylic and wood art
  • Acrylic Wall Art
    New Zealand Designed and made acrylic wall art, great for both interior and exterior use. From large kitchen signs to bathroom signs.
  • Rectangle Boards
    Rectangle chopping boards, serving boards, cheese boards in a variety of timbers
  • Square Boards
    Large and small square chopping boards, cheese boards and serving boards in a variety of timbers.
  • Homewares
    Hand-Crafted Homewares including Jewellery Boxes & Pen Holders.
  • Light
    Designer Wooden Lamps Hand-Crafted in New Zealand. Run off 12 volts of power and use LED technology. Eco-friendly and safe to use.