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Galaxy LED ECO Lamp

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Beautifully hand-crafted from Rescued Canadian Cedar, each of our Galaxy LED ECO Lamps differ in timber tone and grain, contrasting pieces of Cedar have been expertly laminated to showcase the timber and the rounded corners create a sleek continuous look. These light box style LED Lights will cast a "galaxy" of light up the walls and onto the ceiling. They are great for mood or night lighting, and especially ideal for a child's room.

General Features:

- Operates off a Safe, Low and Energy Efficient 12 volts of power
- Made from Canadian Cedar and Engraved with lamp name and Kcimory branding
- Finished in a Natural and Durable Timber Wax
- Fitted with a 1.5 Watt small Long-Life LED Bulb
- Comes with 12 volt DC Power Adapter & Switch
- Completely concealed bulb to keep from little hands

Dimensions vary slightly (cm): 21H x15 Square



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