Art Print - For the luv of Birds - Gallic Rooster Bird Print

Art Print - For the luv of Birds - Gallic Rooster Bird Print

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The Gallic Rooster, also known as Coq Gaulois, is a national symbol of France. In this art print, emphasis has been given to the rooster's tail, with a showcase of curves and colour gradients. There is a subtle gesture to France, did you spot it? The outline of the rooster's body is a light shade of grey and there are hints of orange in reference to the bird's actual bright coloured feathers. This Gallic Rooster Bird Print is sure to impress, use as a feature in a kitchen or in your child's bedroom.

- Portrait Oriented
- Printed on quality paper using premium Inks
- Full Print Dimensions in mm:
- A5: 148 x 210
- A4: 210 x 297
- A3: 297 x 420
- A2: 420 x 594
- A1: 594 x 841
- A0: 841 x 1189

Print sizes A2 and larger only - You can customise the art print by adding in your own wording or remove the wording altogether. 

Please note:
- Prints will require cropping of the white space only to fit standard sized frames.
- Prints A2 and larger - there is a 14-business day waiting period as these are custom printed.